About Cass
‘I thought of that while riding on my bike.’ Albert Einstein, on the theory of relativity. 

I began While Out Riding as a blog, charting a bike journey south from Prudoe Bay, Alaska, through the American backcountry – along quiet backroads and dirt trails where possible.

When I left Alaska in the summer of 2009, I wasn’t sure where I’d end up; life has a habit of slotting into place when I’m on my bike, so I figured I’d let it take its shape. I’ve always enjoyed bike touring for this very reason: everyday existence becomes more straightforward, funnelled through the simple act of spinning pedals. A bicycle is minimal and uncomplicated, so it’s fitting that riding is the perfect mind and body de-clutterer. The blog was a way of recording this extended journey for friends and family, and a chance to process everything I was seeing and experiencing.

The journey came to a convoluted close in September 2014. Bicycles remain an important part of my life. I live car-free and most recently, I’ve cycled in Mongolia and the Republic of Georgia.

Enjoy your adventures, wherever they may take you. And when in doubt… Ride Dirt!


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I’ve been an avid traveller since I was 19, initially hitchhiking and travelling the bus routes of Latin America. The moment I discovered bicycle touring, there was no turning back – I’ve been embarking regularly on two wheeled explorations for the last 15 years. Aside from a thorough exploration of the UK, I’ve ridden from Sydney to London, across Central Asia on a tandem, through Tunisia and Morocco, around SW China and Laos, and through backcountry Cambodia. Most recently, I’ve been aiming to connect the length of the Americas via the road less travelled. I love touring and mountain biking, and for this reason my ideal journey fuses the two, keeping to quiet dirt roads and singletracks.

In the UK, I work as a freelance cycling journalist. Previously, I co-ran a bike touring business for five years in the Indian Himalaya called Out There Biking.

I’m part-funding this trip by writing for bicycle magazines, and have been submitting words and pictures to Cycling Plus, What Mountain Bike, Bicycle TimesSingletrack, Sidetracked, CrankedMountain Flyer, Adventure Cycling, Boneshaker, Cycle, Privateer, Fahrstil, Worldwide Cycling Atlas, Bunyan Velo, Lonely Planet, Trailblazer and wired.co.uk. I love to meet up with cyclists along the way and explore local trails. If you have a couch/yard/floorspace where I can lay my head for the night, I’d be most grateful. Thanks!