Bunyan Velo – new magazine!

Bunyan Velo is a new bicycle magazine out of Minnesota, USA.

For those unfamiliar with North American folklore, the name is inspired by the antics of Paul Bunyan, a giant lumberjack of unusual skill. An elegant and thoughtful publication, it’s crammed with stories and photographs, drawn from a wide gamut of bicycle-related adventures. For my part, I’ve contributed a piece on my quest for seeking out dirt roads, accompanied by some photos from Ecuador and Peru. There are fourteen other contributors, and 112 pages of ad-free reading matter: Fat bikes, Bajan Peninsulan travels, bikepacking races and much more. It’s substantial, to say the least.

Bunyan Velo has all the feel of a high quality, independent print magazine. And… it’s free too! Click below to check it out.


Issue 1 of Buyan Velo is out now. (image Nicholas Carmen)


9 thoughts on “Bunyan Velo – new magazine!

  1. gypsybytrade

    Hey Cass, I’m excited to see this thing off the ground, and excited to see all the ways that we can share inspiration information with others for free. The internet is an amazing place.

    Stunning photos from Peru and Ecuador. Photos of your bicycle against South American buildings and North American murals have created an entirely new cliche. Now, did you line those red-sweatered boys up in height order? or did that just happen?


  2. Cass Post author

    Thanks Nick. Likewise, I thoroughly enjoyed your Bosque by Fatbike piece.

    Bunyan Velo is a veritable tome, and a lovingly put together one at that. Lots of bedtime reading.

    Re crumbly walls and murals. The site of a lanky gringo photographing his bicycle, propped up against an apparently random wall, always draws a crowd of curious onlookers. I hadn’t even noticed these particular grommits have pandered to my bemusing photographing whims by lining up in order… They were actually far less sullen than their pose suggests, once they’d had a go at riding the bike…

  3. Peter Hamtramck

    Thank you for sharing this like and for your wonderful piece. It makes me want to leave town and have my own adventure!

    I especially enjoyed seeing your photographs featured in a larger scale (Pedal Damn It!). Looking forward to future issues and your future contributions!

    All the best.

  4. Robyn

    Love this site. I especially love the wintry Montana photo! I’m a wannabe mtn biker – I gain inspiration from people like you. I had visions of going with a group to do the CDT but it hasn’t worked out yet and I’m not sure I have the skills, although I’d love to develop them. Thanks for putting your work out there. Best, rc

  5. wunnspeed

    As a former TDR racer, bikepacker and bikepacking bag maker, I love seeing magazines like this pop up. To me, it shows that there’s a future in the outdoors. That’s naturally great for business but it’s also a hopeful sign that there’ll be more people interested in preserving the wild places where we love to ride, hike and spend time outdoors.

    They did a really great job on Issue #1. I’m already, really looking forward to #2.

    1. Cass Post author

      Indeed – more people bike touring, in whatever form that may take, can only be a good thing (-:


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