Jardin Botanico de Lancetilla, Honduras

I’m jumping ahead of myself a little, but here’s a quick post on the arboretum at Tela, across the border in Honduras. The botanical gardens were originally set up as an experimental station, back in 1926, by the evil United Fruit Company (arch manipulators of regional politics and economics). Now they’re government run – and apparently amongst the largest of their kind in the world.

The main section to see if easily covered in an hour or two – rewarded with a dip in a beautiful plungepool, set at the end of a dark, fantasy-like tunnel of giant bamboo…


The gardens boast a remarkable stage and semi circle of benches, set amongst the bamboo forest towards the entrance: a natural, swaying amphitheatre.


The raised platform set in the middle of the bamboos. What an incredible, atmospheric place for a play or concert.


Giant bamboo, from Asia, is as thick as your arm. I love bamboo's texture...

and mottled colours.

Soaring high...


Shielding the world below from sunlight...


Creaking gently in the wind.


The signposted trail takes you on a leisurely stroll through the arboretum. Locals are paranoid about security, so an elderly guard was assigned to our personal safety, materialising here and there out of the foliage to point us in the right direction.

A peaceful place. Trees reached out their ancient arms over the stone pathway.


Home to various forms of nesting plantlife. This epiphyte is a bromelia.


... or creatures that dangled off their branches. This epiphyte is from the cactus family.


Then it was back into bamboo forest once more.


For a final, refreshing dip in the plunge pool.

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