‘Healthy’ Chocolate Mousse

A healthy, rather delicious dessert: avocado and date chocolate mousse.

What you’ll need.

This is a short and sweet recipe, and one that’s quick to make too (apart from the soaking of the dates). Plus, it’s dairy-free.

You’ll need:

10 plump dates, soaked for 3-4 hours in water

2 ripe avocados

1 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder

Sprinkle of sea salt

1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract

(plus a tablespoon of maple syrup or a dollop of maple cream if you have an especially sweet tooth)

What to do:

Blend everything together in a good processor, with the S blade.

That’s it!

Spoon into glasses and pop it in the fridge for a bit before serving. You should have about 4-5 helpings.

In go the avocados.

In go the avocados.

Then the plump, soaked dates, stones removed.

And the plump, pre-soaked dates – stones removed.

Pile on the cocoa powder.

Pile on the cocoa powder, and a sprinkle of sea salt.

Give the blender a blast.

Give the blender a blast.

And the date water.

Add the date water to get the consistency of your choice.

Some maple cream if so desired.

If you want to really indulge, sneak in some maple syrup or maple cream.

Et voila.

Et voila. Best served chilly, and with a big spoon…

14 thoughts on “‘Healthy’ Chocolate Mousse

  1. Shawn

    This looks fantastic! I am definitely going to give this a go. It looks like it would be great for energy 🙂

  2. Cass Gilbert Post author

    It’s a good ‘un! It’s Nancy’s version of a recipe she found in a raw food book. The avocado gives it a rich creaminess.

  3. Drew Carlson

    New to your blog, Cass, but I love the bikes, camping and food parts especially! I live in Davis, not 60 miles from where you were in Walnut Creek, but I grew up in Corralles, not 60 miles from where you currently live in Santa Fe.

    Great writing and photography, too. Looking forward to learning more of your adventures. I gotta try the mousse, too!

  4. Dirk C

    We tried this tonight – yummy! Used about 1/2 of cocoa & honey (that’s what we had) instead of maple syrup. The food posts blend in – it’s not about the bike after all.

  5. Meraid Griffin

    My partner made this tonight. I was a bit skeptical when he listed the ingredients, however, one mouthful and I was converted. He left out the salt, so we’ll try it again with salt next time.


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