I keep this site because I enjoy taking photos and documenting my travels, and as a way of putting something back into the cycle touring community – one that’s been incredibly generous to me over my years of travelling. I hope it provides a useful source of information and inspiration for anyone interested in bicycle touring, particularly on backcountry roads and trails. I always welcome questions and comments, and do my best to reply, offer opinions and share what I have learnt.

In case you’d like to help out that way, I’ve also include a ‘Donate’ button. Travelling is something I save for and choose to do for myself, and I’m fully aware that it’s a luxury in many parts of the world. But a few sundries and basic bike items are always welcome on the road, should you wish to help out. Want to treat me to a meal? Or a night in a hotel? Inner tubes always come in handy too!

Donate Button

Cheap set dinner: $3.

Fancy dinner (pizza!): $10

Night in basic digs: $5

Night in fancy digs (en suite bathroom!): $15

Inner tube: $5

Tyre: $30

BB7 brake pads: $20

Chain: $20

Regardless of whether you’d like to support me or not, please feel free to post any questions about any aspect of the trip within the relevant blog post, especially if they may be of interest to others. Otherwise, I can be contact through my While Out Riding Facebook Page.