San Francisco bound.


This Sunday I’ll be arriving in the Bay Area – after a 26 hour train medley from New Mexico – for a 12 day bike tour.

My plans aren’t completely formed as yet, except that I’d like to ride amongst the redwoods in Santa Cruz, spend some time exploring Marin Country, visit friends in San Francisco, and head over to Oakland – and see what’s happening in the bike culture department there. I might even strike out to Yosemite, an area I’d love to visit.

If anyone is around and would like to meet up/camp/ride, let me know. (Otherwise, trail and dirt road advice is always welcome!) I’m planning to spend as many nights under tarp as possible.

Should anyone be heading in the direction of New Mexico around May 3rd or 4th, from San Francisco or LA, I’m on the lookout for a ride home too. Thanks.



10 thoughts on “San Francisco bound.

  1. Tim Joe Comstock

    Cass, if I only do ONE bicycle tour in my life, you just described it. I will be very interested in hearing about your trip, including the bikes-on-trains part. Twenty-six hours doesn’t sound all that bad. Which bike?

    1. Cass Gilbert Post author

      Decision made… Krampus – meet Rohloff. Looks like you two are going to get along just fine.

  2. Tim


    I’m riding to Yosemite in May and June. I’m leaving from the Portland, OR. area. Please share some of the trails you find in and around Yosemite, if you make it there. Looking forward to reading about your adventure!

    Love the new layout!


    1. Cass Gilbert Post author

      Thanks! Not looking like I will have time on this trip for Yosemite unfortunately. Will keep you posted if I do.

  3. M. Santos

    Cass, if you’re around SC particularly Aptos on Wednesday 4/24 or 5/1 I could show you an after work ride in the redwoods. We met at the NAHBS in Sacto, I gave you a ride back in my old Subie. Enjoy.

    1. Cass Gilbert Post author

      Cool. I was actually wondering how I could look you up. That would be great. 5.1 may work. Let me figure things out a bit. I’m planning to be in the Santa Cruz area for the last few days.


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