titanium loveliness…

Bike shops are bad for your wallet.

On my trawl through town in search of bike shops for general browsing, the kind folks at the aptly named The Bicycle Shop helped me out with some loctite to keep my shapely Middleburn cranks from wobbling off – fair enough, Middleburn do recommend it…

Then I strayed into the titanium parlour that is Speedway Cycles. Too many opjects of desire. Went for a spin on a gorgeous Fatback sub 28lbs snow bike  (and that’s with a triple). Oh, to live a snowy/sandy/gravelly land that justifies a bike like this…

And then I seccumbed. To a lovely ti handlebar (if you’re reading, Shaggy, be jeolous) that’s not dissimilar to the Groovy Bikes one I saw at the Portland show. It works like a treat, lovely sweep back, perfect fit for an Ortlieb bar bag and a Rohloff shifter. Actually, I ended up buying the one off one of Greg’s bikes, as it was the only one in stock. Very happy am I… Ultimately, the plan is to revert back to a rigid fork, so the give in this bar should help with all day comfort. And the sweep really takes the pressure of the wrists, can’t wait to try it on the ride back from Prudoe Bay.

Speedway cycles also stocks some of Eric at Epic Designs frame bags; check out his blog for his amazing rafting/fat tyre adventures.

Titanium Temptation

Titanium Temptation

4 thoughts on “titanium loveliness…

  1. Simon G

    Glad you got there OK…Prudoe down then!

    Loving the new handlebar set up..would like to see a pic with the bar bag. Does the extra sweep not affect your stretch?

    The sunniness has finally broken…showers in Bath…

  2. otbiking Post author

    Reach is about the same as ordinary bars, as they curve forward a fair bit before sweeping back, though overall it’s a touch shorter than the On One Fleegles I had on before. The bar bag nests in really neatly, and is easy to get access. Lovely riding position too, especially with the Ergon grips.

    Still sunny over here!

  3. Shaggy

    Yes I’m reading! I was really tempted with a set when I was out there, but needed the money for the flight home :-/


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