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Planet Frailejón.

In the Reserva Ecológica El Ángel, on Ecuador’s border with Colombia, a legion of velvet-leafed frailejón appear and disappear in the páramo mist, as it rises and falls across the tundra like an ocean tide.

I ride alone, stopping to rattle off photographs whenever …

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Quilatoa Loop, Ecuador; a family bicycle ride.


Bus to Latacongua/Zumbahua then bike Quilatoa – Chugchillan – Isinlivi – Toacaso

Back in Ecuador…

So… despite the ride being officially ‘over’, I’ve found myself back in South America once more. It seems I can’t escape this continent. A free …

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Loja to San Ignacio, Peru; a muddy Ecuadorian exit.

Tortoise-like internet connections and a temperamental Mac are hampering blog updates these days. I’m now settled in to my guesthouse in Cajamarca, resting up after crossing the border into Peru, the first instalment of which is recounted here – an …

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