I’ve just arrived in Puerto Cabeza, Nicaragua, a sketchy and ramshackle port tucked away along the remote caribbean coast, home an eclectic array of Moskitians, insalubrious drug runners and only the most tenacious of Mormon missionaries.

Crossing the Honduran swathe of La Moskitia proved to be a real adventure – a medley of white sand beaches, sinewy mangrove waterways and pine-flecked savannah, interlinked by rides in pencil-thin dugouts, some sublime singletrack and many a kilometre of calf deep mud…

I don’t have time for a full post now, as I still have some six hundred dirt road kilometres to the capital of Managua, across terrain so rough and mountainous it takes 24 straight hours by local bus! And, unfortunately, I left my computer power adaptor behind in La Ceiba. Thankfully it’s been scooped up by a fellow traveller and heading towards Costa Rica too, where I hope to be within a couple of weeks.

So this little missive is just to let any concerned friends and family that I’m still alive. Tired, but (very) well. More soon…

Moskitian smiles...

8 thoughts on “Nicaragua!

  1. Susan Moberly

    Glad to hear you’re OK and LOVING the LIFE! I heard from Joannie this week who, I suspect, was worried but then so would I be if I was your Mum… but as I’m as crazy as you I think it’s all great… LOVE that part of the world but do TAKE CARE and looking forward to your next post and photos… (I’m in KL Malaysia on a Visa run… it’s Chinese New Year and the streets are filled with Red Lanterns… I’m just recovering from a bout of Dengue Fever… NASTY!) Huge Hug X

  2. cara

    Glad to hear you made it! Can’t wait for the full update … I can imagine you’ll have a couple of adventurous stories at the very least 🙂

  3. otbiking Post author

    thanks guys. am 145kms in on a real filling-loosener of a dirt and rock road. very remote in places, but many small acts of kindness are keeping me motivated for the kilometres ahead.

  4. Sarah

    Hi Cass, have been keeping an eye on your travels and enjoy reading your stories and seeing your beautiful pics. It was very useful to pinch a few route ideas for Northern Mexico, thanks for that. We are very flattered to see you have a link to our journal on your website now! We are travelling well, in Oaxaca state now and loving the life too. Hope to run into you some day. Sarah


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