While Out Riding clip!

Out on the remote Honduran and Nicaraguan border, I bumped into Stefan, a Romanian/Canadian motorbiking down from Alberta. Having loaded his bike onto a cargo vessel bound for Puerto Lempira, he’s also headed south to Argentina. It was good to have some company, and we ended up camping out at a military post together, and overnighting in a couple of cheap guesthouses…  before his 650cc Kawasaki left me in the dust!

This little clip was shot along the dirt road that cuts across the open pine savannah between Waspan and Puerto Cabezas, using his iphone. Music by The Acorn, the Flood Pt2. Thanks Stefan!

7 thoughts on “While Out Riding clip!

  1. Susie Moberly

    Couldn’t get the video to play however hard I tried. Such a pity as I always look forward to your pics… it seems to be blocked! S

    1. Claudio

      Well, not JUST about money, I should be more precise, you always need at least a little bit, nowadays, but priorities vary and the less you need and the more you discover the far greater riches our short life has to offer, the better.


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