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La Laguna de Bacalar. Wow, what a place. Its waters are said to reflect seven colours and over its eighty kilometre length, are never more than six metres in depth, hence the sumptuous shift in hues as the light changes.

There, we were lucky enough to bump into Sophie, from Argentina, and Chamerain, from Mexico, who recently set up a homely cafe – La Escondida – offering great music, cheap beer, and wifi…


Bacalar is home to various vast and oppulent lakeside houses, in an assortment of styles - such as Chinese, Moroccan, Modern. Many of them are empty much of the year. Sophie and Charmarain were house sitting one – this was their jetty. Their neighbour was the former governor for the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. He’s out of town too - currently being tried in the US for drug-related money laundering…


The good life: they head out for a swim every morning before opening up the cafe. The boat’s not theirs, but they do have access to two kayaks. Way cooler.


We all sat on the jetty and chatted away. One day, we paddled out in the kayaks into the middle of the lake and watched the sunset. Bliss.


Bobbing underneath the pier is good too. I just couldn’t get over the colour of the water.


The house. Not too shabby.


Did I mention the Frenchman is tall? 2.02m, to be exact.


The young couple. I think we might have talked them into cycling to Argentina with their beautiful Belgian Shepard. That would be epic.


And our campsite…

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