Little update

A ride of mellow backroads...

I’m now heading onwards to Guadalajara, the second biggest city in Mexico  – known for its liberal tendencies and colonial splendour.

In the meantime, I’ve expanded a little on the ride from Durango to Zacatecas, as it proved to be such a stunning journey. Read the expanded post here.

Lots of dirt...

Scrub and cacti...

... and chilled pueblecitos.

5 thoughts on “Little update

  1. John Crawley

    I’ve been all over this part of Mexico and love it and its food. If you can (very mountainous …) try Morelia. It is halfway between Mexico City and Guadalajara… Great city.

    I ride a recumbent trike and would love to take this trip…maybe not as much off road…but it gives me great wanderlust. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Look forward to reading and “riding” with you some more. Carry on for all of us stuck in our offices around the world.


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