Paso Roballos Birthday Ride.

I celebrated my 40th doing what I love most. Riding my bike, and camping out. I slept with the porch of my tent open, so I could look up at the half moon and the stars.

Everything came together in a manner that seemed to befit the day. The road: a detour out to the Argentine border at Paso Roballos, was perhaps the most beautiful I’ve experienced in Patagonia so far. The celebration: cakes, candles, coffee and bacon sandwiches. The bike: my ‘new‘ Pugsley…

Thanks Daniel, for providing the great company.

If you would like to keep up with where I am between blog posts, I try and keep my While Out Riding facebook page regularly updated, along with posting extra photos. You can find it here























27 thoughts on “Paso Roballos Birthday Ride.

  1. Oliver

    Happy belated birthday Cass! Sounds like the perfect celebration indeed… 🙂 Whenever I take a look at your photos my mind is going for a wee ride as well, so thanks for taking us along!! 🙂 All the very best and take care, Oliver

  2. Leaf Slayer

    Happy Birthday Cass! What an awesome b-day ride. Looking forward to following your travels in the coming year. And beyond.


  3. GAbriele

    Happy Birthday

    In March it will be my fortieth birthday!
    I am with you in this time of great transition!

    Roballos Paso is one of the most magical places in Patagonia!

    Thank you for your stories

  4. Olivier

    Happy Birthday, Cass. Thanks for all the beautiful pictures and dreams, may there be many more to come! I turned forty last month and celebrated with a lovely ride despite the poor Irish weather. Birthday rides make the best birthdays!

      1. Andy D.

        Thanks. I hadn’t quite caught up, but I see that you fleshed out the sizing discussion. Which bar are you running now? The stock 660mm Salsa Moto Ace on my Pug feels too narrow after time spent on wider bars. After I install something wider, I’ll have the fit where I want it.

        1. Cass Gilbert Post author

          I’m using my Andy Pierce bars from the Ogre. They’re plenty wide (don’t have a tape measure to hand…), with a comfy 22 degree sweep. They’re great.

          1. Chad L.

            Love your posts Cass. I actually ordered a set of Andy’s Ti bars after seeing your Ogre’s build for a winter project Ogre of my own. However before they could find their way to my Ogre they ended up out in the snow on my Pugsley this winter. For the previous post’s inquiry. My 23deg Ti bars showed up a tick over 700mm as they appear a smidgen wider then my previous Salsa Bend 2 bars, and Andy’s bars are very nice, the slight flex really helps a rigid frame’s ride. Happy Birthday Cass, and a Pug changes your cycling life as you can’t ride unnoticed on a fat!

        2. Chad L.

          I’m running an AM Pierce bar like Cass’s and mine measures at about 705 mm wide. The Ti spring is nice.

          And a Happy Belated Birthday Cass!!! A Pugsley is a wonderful bike.

  5. Matt

    Happy birthday mate! It’ll be a memorable one for sure. Good luck for the rest of the adventure that most of us will only fantasize about.. Cheers!

  6. Cass Gilbert Post author

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! I’m not normally one for birthdays, but turning 40 seemed worth mentioning… And it was certainly an evocative, memorable place to do so.

    1. Logan

      Nice!! I turned 41 on Feb 10th (I think based on your post you are the 9th)! I had planned on doing a dirt route out of the lower Zambezi valley (where we were warned of lions and elephants), but awoke to a monsoon rain… spent the day watching hippos from the bank instead… a fine birthday as well, although I really wanted that ride. Happy belated!!

  7. Steve Worland

    Hi Cass… Enjoying following your adventures! Can I ask you for some advice. Holly’s getting all grown up and is off to Kenya in June. We’re trying to find a solar battery charger for her camera & phone. Do you have any recommendations? Hope we’ll catch up next time you’re in the UK.

  8. Dan

    Cass, many happy returns. I heard a quote the other day that if old age is a ship wreck, cycling is the best way to avoid drowning – sounded much better in French. Looking forward to heaering more about the journey and sharing with the family. All the best, enjoy the stars.


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