Blame it on the moonshine; Riobamba, Ecuador.

After several hard days of backcountry riding from Quilatoa, I’ve finally made it to Riobamba – Quechua/Spanish for the ‘river on the plateaux’. Unfortunately, my lax attitude towards water and street food may have caught up with me (though I blame it on the moonshine, pressed into my frigid hands by that poncho-wearing cowboy in Rio Blanca), since I’m having to take a couple of days off, nursing a sore, gurgling belly.

The ride here, following little travelled dirt roads that rollercoasted up and over the páramo, was a beautiful and adventurous one. Report to follow.

Moonshine? What’s not to like?

It’s just fermented sugarcane, that’s all. We call it punta. I drink it all the time.

It’ll sure warm you up on those cold nights in the páramo. That, along with these here llama-wool chaps.

Yeah… Er… What was I saying?

7 thoughts on “Blame it on the moonshine; Riobamba, Ecuador.

  1. gyatsola

    Is it just me or does he look remarkably like Paul Newman? Maybe he’s a descendent of Butch Cassidy.

    Hope you can get some Alka Selzer…. get well soon!

  2. Ryan

    If it was 190 proof I guarantee that nothing was growing in it! That guy does look like Newman so you should have known he was trouble.

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