Ushuaia; the coastal trail.

A little overdue, here’s a few photos from Ushuaia – and the beginnings of a coastal trail Skyler, Panthea, Nicholas and I explored, running south east from the city. We later extended the route, turning it into an overnight bikepack to the historic Estancia Harberton.

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The ride begins following the shoreline in Ushuaia, skirting round its underbelly, past container ships jettisoning their cargo.


Then, away from traffic, we’re treated to a fine vista looking back towards the world’s most southerly city, and the Martial Mountains that tower above it.


Out yonder, there’s views across the Beagle Channel to Isla Navarino – a piece of the Patagonian puzzle that’s owned by Chile, and home to the small town of Puerto Williams.


A sweet little drop-in sets the tone of the trail…


After several weeks of bike touring, it’s refreshing to stretch out, unencumbered by luggage, and enjoy the flow of singletrack. This is one of the reasons I choose to tour on a mountain bike.


Especially if it’s a trail that opens out to coastal views like this.


Double Knard: 26 Fat v 29+. Both great options for dirt road touring and bikepacking.


We’re in no rush to clock up kilometres today; better to soak up the feeling of having arrived, and enjoy these moments before it’s time to migrate north once more.


Reached only by quad, horse, foot or bicycle, the first estancia we encounter comes complete with mystery carcass hanging out to dry in the sun. The perfect backdrop for a leisurely picnic…


Then, it’s back onto the rigdeline to take in a few more panoramic views.


A Tierra del Fuegan Lenga Bandera – or ‘flag tree’ – sculpted into crooked shape by the island’s strong winds. We’re all in a celebratory mood. 19 year old Nicholas, from Mexico, has ridden down from Santiago between studies.


Canadian Skyler and his Surly ECR.


And New Yorker Panthea’s legs, post muddy nose dive…


El Poderosa, my brute of a Pugs. This was my first mountain bike outing on a fat bike, and a lot of fun it proved to be (-:


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  1. Oliver

    These panoramic coastal views are beyond description!! And even though I have seen pictures of such crooked shapes before, I never came across the term “flag tree”…
    Thanks Cass and happy pedalling!

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