Caraz, and some downtime; Peru

I’ve just arrived in Caraz, a mountain town on the edge of the Cordillera Blanca. And after some hard backcountry riding from Cajamarca, I’m ready for a rest and recharge.

The riding was as good as I could have hoped for, with the added drama of a river crossing in the Chuquicara Canyon that left me a touch battered and bruised. A strong current swept me off my feet; thankfully I was able to haul myself out downstream without coming to too much harm. Ibuprofen is working on bringing down the watermelon that is my knee…

Luckily, it’s perfect timing to have enjoy some time off the saddle, as my mum is flying out in a few days to visit. We haven’t worked out our plans yet, but we’re thinking of heading to Cuzco, perhaps doing some hikes around here.

The other good news is that my spare parts posted from the UK – by regular old mail no less – have defied the pitfalls of the infamous Peruvian postal system and are in nearby Huaraz. I’m headed there next to do some much-needed tinkering to Ogre – new tyres, a more svelte front derailleur and comfy Ergon grips all await…

Until I get time to sift through photos from the last week, here’s a little taster…

Rubbing shoulders with Mad Max trucks, in the dusty gold-mining towns of the Peruvian highlands.

And hangin’ with the scruffy little kids who live there…

More dirt road bliss en route to Mollepata.

Grassy chute. Speedy.

Camping out in the Chuquicara Canyon, after taking an impromptu dip.

I come in peace…

Hold your breath. Just room to squeeze through.

Talking of holding your breath, did I mention the dust?

Heading into the fabled Canyon del Pato… 

10 thoughts on “Caraz, and some downtime; Peru

  1. Nick

    Was there enough room in that tunnel for traffic in both directions? Looks pretty narrow in the photo. Bet you had to think twice before taking the plunge! xNick

  2. gypsybytrade

    Wonderful lighting of deep canyons and evenings…

    Frigid impromptu dips several times a day keep the doctor away for me. Your experience sounds a little more hazardous.

    I always enjoy wearing out, repairing and replacing parts on a road-worn bike, on the way to a bicycle akin to an old pair of shoes or denim. Your Ergons are worn, but how do your hands look?

  3. kez sherwood

    Thanks for all the great stories & beautiful photography. I especially loved the photos of the street art and passed that blog onto some other artists. Too cool your mom is visiting you! Do you need a dust mask mailed to you?

  4. Bridget Ringdahl

    nice to see that the Canyon de patos hasn’t changed – enjoy Caraz, i liked it more than Huaraz..

  5. shellykent219

    Really enjoying your blog! Your trip sounds amazing and inspiring! I’m enjoying being able to live vicariously through your travel adventures. Hope the ‘watermelon’ on your knee goes down soon. Look forward to the next installment and more great photo’s. ;0)

  6. Susan Moberly

    Love the canyon pic… reminded me of same same chugging through deep waters from the sea at Livingstone (Belize) into the beautiful Rio Grande… (Guatamala) expect you were there once though obviously not on your bike!


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