Coco-di-loco: Back in Flag, AZ

Just a quick post to announce that I’m back on the road, making my way west once more…

I’ve stopped in Flagstaff, home to some of my favourite trails in the States, to meet up with ‘Minimalist Master‘ Gary Blakley and tackle a ride that’s long been on my hit list…

The Coconino Loop is a 250 mile bikepacking journey linking Flagstaff with Sedona, Cottonwood and Williams, via the mighty wall of Mingus Mountain. With over 20 000 feet of climbing, the terrain is unrelenting as it is varied: snowy mountains, shaded pondera forest, baking desert, dusty red rock… the lot. Almost half of the ride follows singletrack trails; the rest traces roughly hewn jeep tracks and gravel county roads. Of course, no bikepacking adventure worth its salt is complete without a few gruelling hike ‘n bikes thrown in too. Curses and all.

I’m resting my sore butt and sifting through pics for a full report soon. Here’s a few for starters…

Headin’ west on the South West Chief.

Travel Light. Have more fun…

The Arizona Trail. Unending miles of Great Stuff.

Just tarps or sleeping out under the stars on this trip.

Good to be shiver-free camping again…

Overlooking red rock Sedona at Schnebly Hill. Perfect for feet dangling.

Broken Arrow trail. Keeps you on your toes.

The desert blooms.

You say. We follow.

San Francisco Peak. Arizona…

Sweet Flagstaffian singletrack…

More pics and words here

11 thoughts on “Coco-di-loco: Back in Flag, AZ

  1. Gary Blakley

    When did you come up with the great name? At the top of the towers hike-a-bike I was thinking of something maybe not so nice.

    Thanks for your part in the great adventure!!!

  2. bms7math

    met you in sacto…my cousin matt rode with you…wishicoulda…just got off 21 days of grand canyon river and stopped in flagg. just missed you. damn

  3. Nika

    Ohh back in Flagstaff! Great pictures. I’m quite jealous! I miss Flag so much…I like the pictures of Sedona too. I biked a small part of the Broken Arrow trail years ago. I got caught in rain and hail and came back home with myself and a bike covered in mud. Ah, memories. 🙂

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