Quick catchup: Hopscotching to California

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to work on the blog.

In these last couple of weeks, we’ve reluctantly left the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route to begin hopscotching our way over to California – the hopscotch referring to the surreal Craigslist ride-share we took (with John Malkovitch-sounding Bobby, little Billy and their mate, Boris, a Peruvian singer-songwriter) from Albuquerque to Flagstaff, AZ.

A full post is coming soon, but I couldn’t resist quickly uploading this picture of our newfound buddies in the remote copper mining town of Bagdad, Arizona. Zane, Shane and Mario were a cool trio straight from an indie movie: individual, sharp and very amusing. They joined us outside Bashas, the local supermarket and apparent Sunday hangout, and we discussed life, friendship and the dirt road options ahead. We must have made quite a sight, our bicycles dwarfed by the mine’s fleet of pickup trucks and our belongings sprawled out all around us, as we boiled up eggs, munched on pretzels, ate canned sardines and devoured donuts…

These guys definitely had the look, and loaned me a skateboard so I could try and get it too.

7 thoughts on “Quick catchup: Hopscotching to California

  1. Greg from the Bike Shop

    Ah, good. You got out of town alright. I was worried my confusing directions may have sent you in circles right outside of Prescott.

  2. bikingcycles

    Hi Cass, just found your blog. Great photos, great style ! Keep riding and enjoying ! I just finished the Divide and now riding in Laos. Maybe see you someday on the road ! Take care, Michiel (bikingcycles.wordpress.com)


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