Have a Cool Yule.

Merry Christmas from the (hilly) streets of San Francisco!

Thanks to everyone who has so kindly helped me on my way, checked in on this blog, left comments or sent me encouraging vibes to keep my legs turning.

Have a great time festivitizing. I hope to resume my journey in the New Year, so please check in for more two-wheeled, dirt-flavoured tales.

All the best,


Not quite like home: how they do Christmas in California.

11 thoughts on “Have a Cool Yule.

  1. gypsybytrade

    Hope Santa doesn’t bring you anything you don’t need, seeing as your Porcelain Rocket bags are already stuffed and the trailer is headed home. Glad tidings to you, wishes of good riding in the New Year. I met four young Japaneze boys yesterday at REI that were bulking up for a ride to Fairbanks. Sounds like fun; in broken English, they asked if I thought they were crazy. I told them that most people would, but I thought it was a great idea.

  2. Gary Blakley

    Merry Christmas, Cass. Sorry that Nancy had to head home. Good luck in your adventures for the new year! We’ll be watching.

    Gary and Patti.

  3. John Twa

    Hey Cass,
    Jill and I have been jealously following your blog. We are driving to San Francisco tomorrow to visit some friends and to do some mountain biking north of the city. Let us know if you’d like to join us for a ride or for a beer! It would be great to see you again.

    John and Jill
    (participants on your ’07(?) Spiti trip)

  4. Simon G

    Hey Cass…Merry Christmas from all of us. We were out for a walk with Robin this morning and wondering if you had made it to San Fran…look forward to catching up soon.


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