Taking a break from tortillas

Leaving the lush (but rainy) jungles of Central America behind for a little...

It’s been several months now since I’ve been trying to shrug off bronchitis; Guatemala’s rainy season hasn’t made it any easier. So after much thought, I’ve decided to take a break from my journey south and have made an about turn, heading up to the dry and healing climes of Arizona.

Of course, I couldn’t completely abandon my bicycle, and have made plans with Rocket Scott and friends to ride a section of the all-but-finished Arizona Trail while there. I’ll also be meeting up with my parents, and catching up with some of the wonderful people I met on my travels.

But I will be resuming the ride – and the blog – in the not too distant future. So please tune in again soon…

Taking a break from tortillas...

10 thoughts on “Taking a break from tortillas

  1. Matt K

    You’ve made an admirable decision and put important things (namely: friends, family and health) ahead of an arbitrary goal of getting somewhere. All the best on your hiatus!

  2. Stephen Horn

    Nice one Cass, Thanks for all the posts, it has been inspiring following the blog, have a great break and I will look forward to your resumption of pics and news. Ps: could you forward the name of the Guatemala map you are using – the print company perhaps – I imagine it is something like “Slip and slide backroad country trail map for roads steeper than 30degrees in the Guatemalan High country” Whatever it is it seems to have gotten you to some wonderfully interesting places. All the best.

  3. cass

    Thanks for that guys!

    It’s the IMTB map of (just) Guatemala, the one that is waterproof and has a picture of a Antigua and a volcano on the front. You can get it on Amazon. It seems to be the best available, though I always check any other locally printed ones I come across in case they are more up to date – even if they don’t cover as much detail.
    Then it’s case of heading to where the pickups hang out and asking!

  4. Jim

    Utah has nice dry climes as well…Tim and I are likely heading to Fruita in November. Let me know if there is any possibility of meeting up.
    Thanks for all the great posts. What an adventure! I hope you can kick the illness soon and get down to “business” in AZ.


    1. otbiking Post author

      Jim, I’d love to meet up with you guys in Fruita, but public transport being what it is, it’s a tricky place to get to. When are you there?

  5. gyatsola

    I’ll miss your blog for now, but at least I wont have those cravings for Mexican food every time I log in! mind you, I did have some great tortillas in Ashton, Idaho of all places, little place where the Mexican field workers hang out.

    Hope that dry air fixes up your bronchitis once and for all. From personal experience, it’s just a case of being a little patient and taking it easy for a bit, nature takes care of it in the end, it just takes a little time. So take it easy on those trails! Best wishes, P.

  6. daveB

    Hi mate,
    Hope you get better soon, and that Arizona proves a nice place for a break.
    Please keep the blog live… i log in for the photos when i can !!!


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