Back in Flagstaff – a few pictures from the AZT

The AZT crew - Scott, Cen and Nerys at Nogales, on the Mexican border.

So, after an epic time riding the Arizona Trail I’m now back in Flagstaff. Here’s just a few words and pics, more on what the AZT is all about as soon as I’ve sifted through the rest of my dusty memory cards.

In the meantime Josh, over at Bike Trailer Shop, is making me feel very much at home, giving me the lowdown on Flagstaff and introducing me to the local bike community here. And I have the visit of my folks to look forward to too…

Welcome to Arizona.

Land of many cacti.

Including my favourite, the beanpole saguaros...

And home to small town Americana.

Some gnarly riding. Steeper than it looks...

It was hot. 107 degrees farenheit hot.

Pavement ends. Arizona Trail begins...

Parched dry on the pipeline road to Oracle.

Hike 'n Bike, a phrase that became synonymous with the AZT.

As did the word Wash, which cropped up with ever increasing regularity as we headed south. Translation: a 3 mile push through deep sand under blazing heat.

Nothing to do with personal hygiene, Scott. Just like it reads on his sweat-encrusted jersey: friends don't let friend ride junk. Our bikes? A Moots, a Hunter, a Thorn and a Charge. Clearly showering proved less important than the wheels on which were rolled.

Now now boys. Behave. Clearly Cen's reputation in the Swansea courts proceeded him.

Sweet Flagstaffian singletrack.

Surprising splashes of colour amongst the pine forest.

Nerys v the mountains.

Cen v the babyheads.

Beginning the beautiful, beguiling climb up to Mount Lemmon.

One of our favourite wildcamps.

Hopping across an old railroad - the South West is steeped in frontier history.

Hm, which way next... Checking the sage-like GPS, a must for riding the Arizona Trail.

A buzzard soars over Apache Canyon.

Don't be fooled by Scott's impressive farmer's tan. It did rain. Once.

Last but not least. Emergency ride food. American-style.

Cen succumbs to the American mantra: supersize me...

15 thoughts on “Back in Flagstaff – a few pictures from the AZT

  1. Greg

    Welcome back to the States! Been looking forward to a fresh post and tales of a proper adventure.

    Here’s to dry desert air and a clean bill of health!


  2. RichNYC

    Welcome back;)

    Not hitting South America and the High Andes this time??? Or are you taking a breather from Spanish for a while???

    It’s been fun to follow your adventures and as always your photos are amazing…


  3. otbiking Post author

    hey Rich, great to hear from you. Still planning/hoping to make it further south, just been a bit ‘distracted’ by Arizona… Also a good chance to shrug off the bronchitis I picked up in Guatemala’s rainy season.

  4. Kurt Sandiforth

    Sweet, Hell yea man! I rode the AZT last May and absolutely loved it! I recognize a lot of the spots in yer pics and can’t help but feel reminiscent. A beautiful trail through a beautiful chunk of the world. Glad you doubled back to plow it and share it with us! Kurt-

  5. Jack

    Hi, what frames do they all have in the “The AZT crew” picture? Great blog btw! Love to read it! How is the Sterling frame holding up for you?


  6. otbiking Post author

    Thanks for the comments. Dr, enjoy the singlespeeds!
    The crew have: a Charge, a Thorn (Sterling), a Moots made from ti loveliness, and an equally envy-inciting custom Rick Hunter 29er.

    The Thorn is standing up really well. It’s due for a respray and some extra water bottle bosses. And I’m looking to replace the now knackered Maguras with a disc-ready rigid fork. I admit, though, to having my eye on one of the new Surly Trolls as it tucks the disc mount between the rear stays, is Rohloff ready, has MASSIVE clearances and a rigid, disc-tabbed fork for a touch less than $500…

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  9. Susie Moberly

    More brilliant images Cass and great to see your Ma on some of them too… loved the camera talk… really loving my new G2 though no extra lenses yet… SO many images in Chiang Mai… hope you’ll visit one day… we’ve just secured a fabulous house to rent here so you’re welcome with bike of course! Huge hug and don’t forget to give your dad one from me too. Keep up the riding and take care… I enjoy all of your stories so much and have become your number one fan X

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