Changes: wintering in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

While Out Riding has seen something of hiatus these last couple of months, largely due to a few significant changes on the horizon…

One of these is an exciting revamp of the blog, thanks to the creative talents of designer (and cyclist) Nick Robertson, over at Hosie Scott.

The current While Out Riding pages will be morphed into a website that will be easier to navigate – as well as looking a whole lot nicer. Although my travels in Latin America have come to an end (until next year), I’ll be keeping the blog going, with the same kind of material I like to write about and photograph. Except that pictures will pop up bigger, at last. I’m excited – it’s looking great, and will hopefully come together in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I’m living in New Mexico, enjoying the warm days before the onset of winter, and getting to know the trails that lie on my doorstep – courtesy of my trusty Ogre, still alive and kicking after Peru. Santa Fe has a thriving mountain biking scene, and I’ve found a knot of friendly, dedicated bikers to ride with, come day or night. Certainly, there’s no shortage of quality singletrack here: Sidewinder, Burn, Windsor, Big Tesuque, Raven’s Ridge, Dale Ball, La Tierra… to name a few.

If anyone is interested, a short piece I wrote a while back for Boneshaker has been republished in the online bike touring magazine, Bicycle Traveler. This issue also includes an interview with touring legend Ian Hilbell, amongst other cool stuff – like stories on biking in Bolivia, Alaska and even giving your wheels a Pakistani multicolour makeover.

Also online, I’ve begun writing for the website Worldwide Cycling Atlas, with a weekly contribution to the Biketopia Journal. In print, I have a feature on the ins and outs of mountain biking in Big Bend, Texas, in this issue of the glossy Mountain Flyer (number 27). And I contributed to Singletrack’s ‘Getting High’ feature (issue 77), with a story on seeking Incan singletrack in Peru, also in the current issue.

On the bicycle front, I’ve a couple of possible projects in the works: a winter road/hardpack mile muncher, in the elegant form of a Velo Orange Campeur, and – fingers crossed – some semi-fat tyre fun on a Surly Krampus.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving (to whom it may concern), and please check back again soon!

Supersize me: Surly’s new Krampus, seen here at Interbike.

Big tyres = velcro grip.

Fun graphics on the Campeur. And fun is what touring is all about, right?

(btw) Also at Interbike, a 2in wide Marathon Mondial for 29ers. This could be the tyre of choice for that long distance, heavily laden, mixed terrain tour.

Lily and Grace, who I met on my way back to Santa Fe. They’re preparing for an imminent and epic Trans African crossing.

Their ride: this Ed’s Bikes tandem has a boom tube that doubles up for storing denatured alcohol, a la Tony Oliver.

Reunited with the trailer: the Mule is handling grocery-hauling duties with aplomb. Trailers transform bicycles into utility machines, and the Mule will manhandle a 5 gallon (19l) bottle of filtered water and provisions for a week.

Riding with Joe, Nick and Lael, in autumnal New Mexico. South West USA looks to be a fine place to spend the winter…

And, saving the best till last… Meet beautiful Baby Sage (a boy), born Nov 10th, 2012. Happy, healthy and (hopefully) eager to ride…

28 thoughts on “Changes: wintering in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

  1. Daniel

    Wow Cass, congrats on the new baby! So glad to hear things are going so well for you. I can’t wait to plan a trip out there to see you and ride the local trails. Take care and talk soon!

  2. TG

    Was wondering where you went; congrats on the new addition and other endeavors. BTW, Lily & Grace’s LaSupremo touring tandem… Awesome in so many ways, as is Ed’s Bikes & photo gallery.

  3. Jason Evans

    Wow Cass, welcome to the world of late nights, lack of sleep and a greatly reduced amount of spare time. But I am sure you already know that it is more than worth it.
    Looking forward to hearing about the Krampus.
    Thanks mate

  4. Susie Moberly

    This beautiful photo with baby Sage explains a lot!!! Now I know why we have been deprived of your blogs… I was getting worried! Congratyulations… and may it all work out well. I can see you now with a baby Ogre trailer biking in those inky blue mountains around Santa Fe… happy days with YOU and Nancy! Happy for you, please keep us all posted with photos and the life! Huge hugs Susie XXX

  5. Jonathan pikles

    Congratulations Cass and Nancy! Glad to hear all is well,have a good winter. Lots of love and best wishes for the future.
    Jonny and Yonnie , Machynlleth.

  6. Therevharoldgiblet

    Did the mother do a runner? Not to worry the CSA will catch up with her!!
    All the best to you & yours.

  7. gypsybytrade

    Welcome back. The Campeur frame arrived! I plan to build some wheels this weekend, so hopefully I’ll be rolling by next week. I’ll ride up to SF to say hi to Sage sometime.


  8. While Out Riding Post author

    Thank you for your comments.

    A Krampus is in the process of being born, cannibalised from the vestiges of the Troll )-: … The potential for mud clearance on this bike is insane! (and I do like my mud…)

    The tyres in the picture are indeed Mondials. Although the tread pattern looks similar, there’s less heft to them than the Plus Tours. Those I’ve met running them seem to think they’re a worthy replacement to the venerable XR. Incidentally, the tyre to the left is a Marathon Deluxe, the replacement to the Dureme – which I was sad to see dropped from their lineup. It’s also available for 29ers, in a 2in width.

    Similarly, there’s also the studded Marathon Winter tyre available for 29ers too, with a tread pattern similar to an Extreme.

    Looks like the choice for quality ’29er’ touring tyres (Schwalbe list them as 28×2.0, technically more accurate) is finally growing. Hopefully they’ll add some larger volumes in too.

    1. markbc

      I’ve been tempted to get a Krampus as my first foray into 29’ers. I’d fund it by selling my Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 which is way too big for travelling so I barely use it. High end lenses do hold their value.

      1. While Out Riding Post author

        I’ve almost finished building it up, so I’ll let you know what I think soon. Certainly, I had fun at Interbike with it.

        The production version is bereft of any rack/extra water bottle eyelets, so it’s not as versatile as other Surlys – unless you go the soft bag bikepacking route.

        I’ve yet to build up the Rabbit Hole rims, so right now it’s just an oversized Ogre. Assuming they’re wide enough, I plan to fit the Gnards (the only 29x3in tyre around at the moment) on the Rhyno Lite wheelset I took to Peru.

  9. Hendrik

    Congratulations! That are beautiful news on the addition to the family!

    On the website design front, just make sure it looks also good on smartphones and tablets (aka has a responsive design =)!

  10. Steve

    ….so i’m reading along…..knowing a baby is on the way….. wondering why the “significant change”….isn’t on the blog. But alas…the best for the end. Congrats to you both….may she grow up to become her true self……hopefully that includes bicycle 🙂

  11. Dan

    That’s awesome news mate, congratulations!! Glad to hear your enjoying the trails and spending precious time with loved ones in Santa Fe

  12. Brant Haflich

    I too have had problems with my XT disc hubs. Both the cones on the drive side loosening, and the free hub becoming shitty and gritty. I got in the habit of removing the seal from the back of the new freehub and filling the bearing with Phil Wood Tenacious oil then replacing the seal. The stuff that comes stock in the hub is too thin and washes out almost instantly. This trick drastically increases increases the life of any otherwise crappy and overpriced freehub, and it makes freewheeling nearly silent.

  13. Neil Hannum


    I am coming to Santa Fe for an event at the Natural Grocers there on the 18th of May.

    If you would like, stop by and I have a box of goodies for you and your favorite bike shop.


    Neil Hannum


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